This Business Manual is distributed to Distributors as advice information. All of the terms and conditions are designed to improve the Distributor's understanding of operations, while helping improve his or her ability to do business and develop positive relationships with the company and consumers. MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD has created a Business Manual to safeguard and maintain the Distributor's rights. It is not meant to restrict the Distributor's ability to conduct business. This guidebook is being disseminated in order to strengthen and sustain ethics and accountability for the long term benefit. It is anticipated that the Distributor will understand and follow the terms and conditions put in place for the betterment of the industry. MAXIMAXX SDN BHD reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice. Without exception, every registered Distributor is required to conform and implement.


MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD is a company that values superior service and product quality for its Distributors and customers. Although distributors are permitted to operate their businesses, all activities must adhere to the specified norms and regulations. Distributors must maintain high standards of corporate ethics at all times. As a result, in order to build MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD, every Distributor must follow the MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD Distributor Code of Ethics.Any breach of these business ethics will result in the Distributor's membership being terminated.


1. Applicants must be 18 years of age and above and of sound mind at the date of application are eligible to be Distributors at MAXXIMAXX SDN. BHD. 2. All candidates must be referred by an existing registered MAXIMAXX SDN BHD Distributor. 3. Each candidate must complete the Distributor Application Form to indicate their acceptance to the company's terms and conditions. 4. Registration can be conducted at any of the company's authorized stockist. 5. MAXXIMAXX SDN.BHD appointed Distributors may not represent or claim to be the company's agent or representative. 6. Each application must be accompanied by proof of payment for the purchase of the specific goods. 7. Upon registration, the Distributor will be issued a Distributor Authorization Card. 8. Distributors will also be issued an ID and password in order to carry out business transactions with the company. 9. Each person is only eligible for one application. 10. The company reserves the right to refuse any distributor's application without giving further details.

Distributor Manual Maxximaxx Sdn. Bhd.

As a Registered distributor of MAXXIMAXX SDN.BHD, I hereby agree to follow and practice the following ethics: 1. I will abide by all of the rules established for the operation of MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD. 2. I will accurately and correctly present the goods of MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD and will not make any claims other than those contained in the most recent brochures issued by MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD. 3. I will accurately and honestly describe the Business Plan, as well as provide a clear and complete description of the effort required to achieve success. . 4. I will not make false or negative statements or disparage other companies, products, or distributors for personal gain. 5. I will not participate in any activities that may result in a loss for MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD or other Distributors. 6. I will not use MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD information, correspondence, meetings, gatherings, or other MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD sources for other trading benefits. 7. I will fulfill all of my responsibilities as a sponsor and leader in order to help MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD build a successful business. 8. I will abide by all laws, rules and regulations when conducting the MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD business. 9. I will respect the secrets and confidentiality of my Distributors and customers. 10. In all of my activities, whether I sell MAXXIMAXX SDN.BHD products or sponsor someone else, I will act honestly and speak the truth. 11. I will make every effort to ensure that my customers are pleased with MAXXIMAXX SDN.BHD products and services. And I will respect my customers' and Distributors' privacy. 12. I will work hard to make MAXXIMAXX SDN.BHD the best it can be. I will not engage in any activities that will cause MAXXIMAXX SDN.BHD or any MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD Distributor harm. 13. In conducting my business, I will abide by all laws and regulations, particularly the Malaysian Direct Selling Act 1993. 14. When conducting my business, I will uphold and follow the Rules of Conduct and Code of Ethics, as well as all business ethics, following not only what is written but also the spirit of those rules.
1. Following approval of the Distributor application, the company will send a Distributor Authorization Card with distribution details such as: i. ID or Username ii. Full Name iii. Identification Card No / Passport iv. Address Distributor Manual Maxximaxx Sdn. Bhd.


1. Distributor membership status is for life however it requires yearly renewal. 2. The status of distributor can be willed down to heirs. 3. A Distributor may voluntarily terminate his membership by submitting a written letter, but he may not re-register as a Distributor within 6 month from the date of termination. 4. The Company reserves the right to terminate a Distributor's membership if the Distributor is found to be in violation of the Direct Selling Act 1993 or to tarnish the company's image in any way. 5. If the Distributor wishes to re-register, he must do so within one year from the date of termination. 6. Following the termination of the membership, the Sponsored Distributor will continue to operate. 7. The membership of a Distributor cannot be transferred, sold or given to any Third Party. The company reserves the right to reject the application without giving any reason.


1. Distributors who need to update their address or contact information must do so through the company's website. 2. This is required to ensure that materials sent to him arrive safely at the specified address.


1. Distributors are encouraged to sponsor as many new members as the membership requirements requires. 2. It is not permitted for a Distributor to sponsor a new Distributor from another group. 3. Distributors may not coerce, threaten, persuade , provide false or misleading information in order to sponsor a new Distributor. 4. A Distributor may choose his sponsor, but a registered Distributor may not change his sponsor.


1. When a Distributor dies, the business and any incentives or bonuses earned can be transferred to the Distributor's heirs under the conditions specified in the Distributor Application Form. 2. If the deceased did not name a beneficiary to inherit his membership, a close family member may take his place by obtaining approval from the company. 3. A Distributor may cancel his membership with written notice, in which case his group Distributor status will be transferred to his superior Distributor / sponsor. Distributor Manual Maxximaxx Sdn. Bhd.


1. It is not permitted to sell or promote the Distributor's products or tools for resale at retail locations such as exhibitions or supermarkets. 2. When selling products, you must provide Customer Receipts that are correctly filled out with product details. 3. It is necessary to honestly explain the benefits of the company's products and programs. 4. When explaining the company's marketing plan, a Distributor should explain to the prospects that profits will only be obtained from the continued sale of the product. 5. Distributors should not make statements or admissions that contradicts the information in the company's brochure. If the Distributor's actions tarnish the company's reputation, he or she will have to bear the full cost of their actions. 6. As required by the Malaysian Direct Selling Act 1993 and the Ministry of Health Malaysia, no claims of "specialty medicine" or MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD products may be made. . 7. She or he is not guaranteed any income or success after registering as a Distributor. Hard work and individual efforts in product sales and member sponsorship lead to success. . 8. Distributors will not be compensated solely on sponsoring other Distributors. 9. The retail price of MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD products has been set by MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD, and the Distributor is not permitted to raise or lower the price. 10. When selling and promoting the product, distributors must explain how to use or consume the product and highlight any warnings printed on the product label. . 11. Distributors are not permitted to change or amend any packaging, the Trademark number or other identification used in connection with MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD products. 12. MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD goods' quality and characteristics must not be misrepresented by distributors. The description provided must correspond to what is stated on MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD product labels and product catalogue. 13. The distributor must be held liable for any claims that arise as a result of misleading information provided to the consumer. 14. When a customer requests the MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD Satisfaction Guarantee, a Distributor must provide the client with a full refund of the product price or credit for an exchange of MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD item of the same or similar value. . 15. A Distributor is responsible for recording and filing complaints received from MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD consumers.. 16. Distributors shall notify MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD of any scenario that might jeopardize the integrity or reputation of MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD or its products..
Distributor Manual Maxximaxx Sdn. Bhd.
TERMINATION OR CANCELLATION OF DISTRIBUTOR RIGHTS. 1. If two Distributors claim to be sponsors of the same new Distributor, the Company will accept the first application as the sponsor. . 2. Sponsoring the same Distributor and urging another Distributor to re-register is prohibited. If the circumstance arises, the company will make a choice and take action. The company's decisions are final. 3. The Company maintains the right to terminate the membership of Distributors who are found to be in violation of the MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD Business Manual or the MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD Marketing Manual. 4. MAXIMAXX SDN BHD reserves the right to withhold the Distributor's bonus or incentive during a suspension period or while the investigation into the offence is underway, or to terminate the Distributor's membership immediately upon the offence of violating or failing to comply with any of the Terms and Conditions stipulated in the MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD Business Manual or MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD Marketing Manual, or for any reason whatsoever. . 5. If a Distributor is found to be in violation of any rule or for any reason, MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD reserves the right to refuse the Distributor any bonus or other incentive. . 6. MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD retains the right to take additional action against any Distributor who violates any of the guidelines. MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD. shall not be held liable for any measures taken in line with these regulations, such as the suspension or termination of Distributor membership. 7. Except with the approval of MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD, the distributor shall keep any information obtained in connection with MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD or the distribution of MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD goods or information relating to MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD clients and business matters confidential. This confidentiality requirement will apply even if your privileges as a Distributor are terminated.
1. Sponsors is not compel their sponsored Distributors to purchase or retain specified items for a specific reason. 2. A sponsor's responsibility is to collaborate with the Distributor he has sponsored, assisting them in understanding the industry and providing ongoing assistance. 3. Sponsors are not permitted to use 'coercive,' 'pressure,' or 'deceptive' sales practices, such as presenting contests, free items, or discounts as incentive schemes to attract other Distributors into their network.. 4. The sponsor must maintain a professional connection with his sponsored Distributors (both those he has sponsored and those sponsored by his subordinate Distributors), as well as teach and help them in the development of their business. . 5. The Sponsor shall foster harmony among its network Distributors and shall be responsible for resolving any concerns, conflicts, or doubts among its network Distributors, as well as using care and skill in all interactions with its network Distributors. 6. Sponsor will do its best efforts to enhance and expand MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD's business. Distributor Manual Maxximaxx Sdn. Bhd.
1. Each Distributor is an independent entrepreneur, and the success or failure of his firm is entirely reliant on him. 2. The Company and the Distributor are two separate entities who are not bound by an agency or employee relationship. . 3. Without the company's written consent, the distributor has no authority to bind the company's name, logo, slogan, brochure, or business mark. 4. Distributors are not employees or agents of the company but are independent Distributors. 5. Distributors do not have exclusive rights to an area and the market is open to all other Distributors. 6. Distributors should be familiar with direct sales law, particularly the terms of the Direct Sales Act of 1993. 7. In conformity with taxes legislation, distributors must keep records of their income for tax purposes.
1. When closing sales or conducting business, every Distributor must follow the Direct Selling Act. 2. Distributors must carry a valid membership card and identity card with them at all times whether making a sale or negotiating. 3. Daily business hours are 9.00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 4. Except with the customer's approval, distributors are not permitted to interrupt clients outside of daily business hours and public holidays. 5. When marketing or conducting business with the company's products, distributors must be honest and forthright. 6. Distributors are not authorized to coerce clients to buy the company's products and must leave the customer's house promptly when told to do so. 7. Distributors must provide a 10-working-day cooling-off period to customers who acquire products worth more than RM 300.00 using the order form given. 8. For each product transaction, the Distributor must issue a signed receipt that clearly states the price, quantity, and product purchased, as well as the Distributor's name and code number.. 9. The distributor is not authorized to represent the firm in any dealings or transactions.. Distributor Manual Maxximaxx Sdn. Bhd. PRODUCT LABELS AND PACKAGING 1. Distributors are not allowed to repackage or re-brand any of the company's products. 2. All products of the company should be marketed and sold in their original form and packaging. 3. If a Distributor fails to comply with these terms, the Company will take disciplinary action or cancel his or her membership. PRODUCT PRICE 1. Distributors are not permitted to reduce or increase the prices of MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD goods in order to boost their own profit or sales volume. 2. All MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD products should be marketed and sold at the company's specified pricing. 3. Distributors are not permitted to run promotions or special offers on their own unless the firm has given them prior written consent. . PRODUCT WARRANTY AND RETURN 1. The firm guarantees high-quality items. If the Distributor or the client finds that the product purchased is of low quality or has a manufacturing defect, the company will replace it. 2. Products that can but have not been sold (in good shape, clean, and still available in the company's product range, excluding expired products) may be returned to the Stockist by a Distributor for product only for replacement and exchange. 3. Damage or contamination caused by expiration, carelessness, or malicious acts are not covered by the product guarantee. . 4. Customers will be given a 10-day cooling off period for all transactions. 5. Any acquired products can be exchanged if the client can provide a reasonable justification and return the goods along with the customer's receipt or cash bill. BONUS PAYMENT 1. Bonuses can only be earned based on a Distributor's retail sales and the total retail sales of Distributors sponsored by him. . 2. MAXXIMAXX SDN BHD will pay the Distributor incentive once the Stockist has submitted the purchase report. 3. Based on evidence of purchase and payment, the bonus will be paid at the given time. 4. If there is an error in the bonus statement, the Distributor should inform the company within 10 working days of receipt. 5. Written applications and complaints should be made to the firm for this reason. Otherwise, the bonus count is final.. 6. After the deadline, the firm will not be liable or entertain any objections. Distributor Manual Maxximaxx Sdn. Bhd.